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Relative Price to Dish: By having a strong sense of who we are and where we fit into the market, our pricing structure is very competitive. By using online tools to individualise ingredients and price food accordingly, this helps us keep in line with our local competition, city cafes, and make sure we are making a profit. Travelling extensively, with a love of food, coffee and wines is a big bonus to relating quality and pricing structures.


Presentation, innovation & composition:


We encourage our Chefs to continually think about presentation, in our food cabinet and on the plate. We are particular, to train staff to use the correct condiment to garnish both the sweet and savoury selections. When travelling, we are continually photographing food. The presentation and selection, is shown to staff on our return.


Originality, Selection and Variety:


We are particularly proud of our ‘Seafood Chowder in a Sour Dough Bread Bowl’

I worked closely with our Artisan Baker from Palmerston North to develop a Sour Dough Loaf,  that was the right size and composition to be able to be hollowed out, filled with our Seafood Chowder and sit comfortably in a soup Bowl.


We market this extensively, it has become our signature dish, and is the biggest selling item on the Menu. We make sure it is available from 7.30am until 9pm as it has a huge following. We have a computer available at work, for work purpose only, ie looking up recipes. If we have access to bulk seasonal produce, I encourage the Chefs to use these. We subscribe to several food magazines and are always on the look out for new recipes that would suit us.


We are supplied by two artisan bakeries as well as Goodman Fielders Quality Bakers. Our artisan bakeries produce beautiful breads, which we in turn fill with quality ingredients. Our breads include Pide, Ciabatta, Panini, Foccacia, Strombolini, and Turkish. We bake fresh, banana bread, sweet muffins, savoury muffins, ginger gems and a big variety of cakes and slices. Most of the baking is done on the premises, although is topped up from time to time when it is busy. We deal with Lisa from Denheath custard squares and she sends these all the way from Timaru. We use that as a unique selling point and in turn sell a lot of custard squares. We encourage the chefs to create a selection of GF, DF, and vegetarian options, and have all these options available on our Menu.


Accuracy & presentation of Menu and Drinks List:


Our Menus presentation has evolved over the years. I love to see the way other people present their menus and take ideas from these. I have colour co-ordinated ours, and have included photos to let people know we have giftware for sale and we have a garden area (not always visible from the street).


We have a Breakfast and Lunch Menu, that works very well alongside our Cabinet food. We have a blackboard menu for coffee, milkshakes smoothies etc.


Non alcoholic beverages are displayed in our food cabinet, and fruit juices are listed on the menu. We have a blackboard, listing all our wines, and this also has a printed version available.


" He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose."

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