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Presentation of staff and premises: A well presented uniform is essential to creating a professional image. We have chosen a uniform that is colour co-ordinated with our premises. All staff are encouraged to wear it well.


Staff are encouraged to develop a Meet & Greet attitude and if busy, know what to say to put the customer waiting, at ease.


I encourage zero clutter. Everything has its place. The ambience is very important, and staff are encouraged to keep counter tops, tables and floors, clutter free. Music is most important and choosing a playlist suitable to the time of the day is encouraged. Toilets are checked regularly for supply and cleanliness. Windows and doors are cleaned continuously throughout the day. Staff are not allowed to sit down in the café, even after finishing work, wearing their uniforms.  They must cover them up. The café is for customers. We encourage staff, while working, to keep all personal conversations to an inaudible level to the customers.


Product Knowledge:


As management we attend food shows, subscribe to magazines and generally have an interest in food & beverage. We then in turn try to use this knowledge and encourage our staff to become passionate about products as well. Because almost all cabinet food and cakes are produced on the premises, it is easy for staff to gain a good knowledge of what ingredients are used. We up-skill new workers, to bake, and they gain a good knowledge as to what ingredients are used, and the correct condiment when serving sweet or savoury dishes. As soon as they progress to working the till, they must keep a list of cabinet food at their fingertips with names and prices of individual items.


Cleanliness of premises:


We work to a printed cleaning schedule. Daily, weekly, and monthly jobs are ticked and signed off. Chefs are encouraged to take charge of delegating any jobs outside this schedule. As owner/operators, we are inevitably responsible for the cleanliness and management of the business. We work with staff continually, encouraging them to clean. We have a motto – time to lean, time to clean.


Quality of table setting:


Our table settings are fairly basic, Salt, Pepper and Sugar. These are continually cleaned and checked. Some of our tables are a rough sawn pine and require a good clean down each day. Cuttlery and crockery is of a high standard and is presented well. Tomato sauce and HP are available at the counter at no extra cost.


Courteous, professional and well groomed staff:


We work with staff, especially the shy ones, to make eye contact with the customer and greet them with a smile. If there is a problem, we teach them how to deal with it, or refer it to a senior staff member. A lot of schoolgirls are employed as dishwashers, and then progress to front of staff. It is my job to make sure they are clean & tidy at all times, and if not, deal with it. I have many times taken a clip out of my own hair to give to young girls. In saying this they are all offered a cap to wear.


Tips are collected and deposited regularly at the local gym. All staff have access 7 days a week to a gold card membership. A great incentive, we have found, for seasonal and long term staff.


Living in a climate such as ours, with such inclement weather during winter, makes laundering uniforms a problem for some of the staff. I have to make sure they have at least 3 to 4 uniforms and aprons each, to be able to deal with this, as many flats don’t have driers. I am continually advising staff on wearing appropriate footwear, for comfort and presentation and have sent one staff member home to change her riding boots, complete with manure!



Appropriate & Efficient:


I tell all staff, they must treat people they way they would wish to be treated. I do not like loud talking coming from the kitchen and swearing would never be tolerated. We train a lot of our staff, and if I have trained them thoroughly, it is a matter of repetition to get the efficiency and speed while completing a task. After they have been with us for a reasonable amount of time, I encourage warp speed, without forgetting the basics, ie cleaning the table after it has been cleared. All of the staff I have worked with have been encouraged to treat customers with respect, as we always treat our staff with respect, even if we are having a problem that needs addressing.


" He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose."

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